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Listen up Yorkshire! The Hearing Place
is the one-stop-shop for your ear and
hearing care. Based in York, we offer
ear wax removal, hearing tests, hearing
aids, hearing aid repairs and custom made
ear protection.

What We Offer

Quick, Simple and Affordable Diagnosis and Treatment

It has never been easier to quickly and painlessly assess and treat wax build up and hearing loss. You no longer need to travel to a clinic as the majority of ear wax issues and hearing losses can be treated in your own home.

Offering community treatment at home has enabled us to help more people who otherwise may have struggled to get to a clinic or to find the time to make an appointment outside of working hours. Many services such as ours aren’t available on the NHS.

After wax removal, a thorough hearing assessment can take place. In some cases, wax removal solves the problem. If not, we are on hand to recommend a treatment plan.

Did you know that in the UK an estimated 3.9% of the population require ear wax management every year?

Promoting Good Hearing Health

We often take our hearing and our ear health for granted. Our hearing may be affected by many factors and at any age. Common issues include age-related hearing loss, in-ear headphone use, the misuse of cotton buds and often the build-up of ear wax.

When our ability to hear effectively starts to fade, for any reason, many people find the effort required to participate in social activity and conversation exhausting. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation in some cases.

Left untreated, hearing loss is known to be a contributing factor in the development of dementia in those who are older.

What To Look Out For

Ear wax build-up can affect your hearing, your balance, give you discomfort or pain in your ear and also cause issues like vertigo and tinnitus (buzzing, ringing or whistling in your ears), itchy ears and even infections. You should watch out for ears feeling full, discharge, dizziness and coughing. All of these can be a sign of a hearing or ear problem that should get checked out.
We believe no one should have to put up with these feelings longer than necessary.

Home Visits & Appointments to Suit You

We strive to offer you an appointment for ear wax removal within 7 days of your initial enquiry. We can help you by safely removing the blockage of ear wax using micro-suction, now considered the safest method of wax removal.

Wax removal services are not currently offered by GPs in our local area, therefore, a private service like ours is
often your only option.

We believe you feel more relaxed surrounded by familiar sights and smells and we know it’s not always easy to get transport to appointments, which is why we can come to you, if you prefer.

We don’t all drive or have loved ones to rely on for a lift, which is the reason why The Hearing Place offers a home visit service, to make life a little easier. For those of you that do drive, it’s one less hassle that saves you time, fuel and parking cost, especially if the weather isn’t favourable, (something we’re regularly treated to in Yorkshire!)

Sam and Jess Kyei-Yamoah. Hearing care specialistsh

Who We Are

We are Jess & Sam Kyei-Yamoah, a husband and wife team focused on delivering a friendly and professional service combined with the highest level of customer care, all in the comfort of your own home. Come on in and have a look around, see what we have to offer.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Where We Are

We cover York and surrounding areas including; Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Harewood, Collingham, Rufforth, Wetherby, Shipton, Poppleton, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, Easingwold, Thirsk, Stamford Bridge, Malton, Pickering, Pocklington, Market Weighton, Escrick, Selby, Sherburn in Elmet and everywhere in between! If you don’t see your area listed, give us a call to see if we can help you.

We know that life isn’t always Monday-Friday, 9-5 so we can also offer evening and weekend
appointments to fit in around you and try to make life a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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