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Frequently Asked Questions

Micro suction is now considered to be the safest method of removing ear wax. This is because there is more risk of perforating the eardrum with syringing because you are putting pressurised water into the ear canal. The eardrum is a delicate membrane which can be ruptured. Irrigation or syringing should never be used if you have had a perforated eardrum ever before, even if it were many years ago. There is also a greater risk of getting an infection after syringing because it strips the ear canal of all the wax and natural oils which protect the ear. A small amount of wax is healthy and necessary.

Possibly, yes. There are a few factors to consider though. If you have no underlying hearing loss and an ear that is fully blocked with ear wax, when it is removed you should notice an improvement in your hearing. However, if you have a partial occlusion and sound can still reach the eardrum, or if you have a hearing loss, having the wax removed may not make any difference to your hearing. If you are still having problems hearing after wax removal, we would recommend having a hearing assessment.

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ questions. For some people, they may only need to have wax removed once in a blue moon, and can go years between appointments. However, some people make a lot of wax very quickly and need to have it removed regularly, for some people this can be every few weeks or months. 

No. Wax removal shouldn’t be painful. Before we remove your wax we will show you what it feels like on the back of your hand so you know what to expect.

This really depends on the amount, location and type of wax you have. We allow 45 minutes per appointment, but it may not take this long.

Yes. At The Hearing Place, we don’t discriminate. Full stop. We believe everyone with hearing loss should have the chance to hear better, with no exception. If you can provide us with as much information and support required this is appreciated so we can offer your relative the best care and overall experience. 

The NHS do a sterling job with the budgets they have, but those budgets are limited. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. NHS aids tend to be older technology with fewer features. A lot of clients will have already tried NHS aids and weren’t happy with them or didn’t like the way they looked. 

When you are paying for your hearing aids, you have a choice in what they look and sound like. We only sell the latest technology to give you the best possible hearing. We also offer a much better service, our appointments never feel rushed and we take as much time as you need to make sure you are getting the best from your new hearing aids. 

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