Hearing Assessment & Hearing Aids

What happens during a hearing assessment?

We want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process so we will always start by explaining what we will do. First, we will go through some questions about your medical history, then have a chat about your lifestyle to understand where you would like to improve your hearing and the environments you’re currently struggling to hear well. Next, we will examine your ears. Providing your ears are clear of wax* and infection, we will then complete a full diagnostic hearing test, including speech tests.

After completing your hearing assessment we will take the time to explain your results in a way that you understand. No industry jargon. If you have normal hearing, that’s great. If you do have a hearing loss, we will then check to see how you respond to amplification by programming some hearing aids with your results. If you are hearing better with the hearing aids and would like to know more, we will make you some recommendations based on all the information we have gathered throughout your appointment.

A hearing assessment costs £120 but if you go on to purchase hearing aids from us, this fee will be deducted from your invoice.

This assessment will usually take 90-120 minutes. 

*If you do have wax we will offer you the option to have it removed by micro-suction for £90 at home or £60 in one of our clinics.

Hearing Aids

We are proud to be a truly independent business, which means we can provide hearing aids in all styles, from any manufacturer you want. To make it simpler for you, we will make you expert recommendations based on the information you share with us. We routinely supply hearing aids from Phonak, Widex, Unitron, Starkey and GN ReSound, a selection of manufacturers offering reliable hearing aids with technology to suit all lifestyles and budgets. However, if there is a specific hearing aid you have in mind from another manufacturer, get in touch and we can provide a competitive quote.

As part of your thorough hearing assessment, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle, where you spend your time and where you notice most difficulty hearing. We’ll also ask what hearing aids you have worn in the past (if any), what you liked or disliked about them, and what preferences you have in terms of styles and technology. We will always be honest about what style of hearing aid is most suitable for your hearing loss, and what technology we feel will give you the greatest satisfaction. At the end of the day, though, the choice is yours and we will work with you to get the best from your chosen solution.

Hearing assessment and hearing aid being fitted

Choose Your Hearing Aids

All the hearing aids we sell at The Hearing Place automatically adjust to your environment, so you can forget about them and get on with your life. No more fiddling around with buttons to adjust your aids (unless you want to of course). Hearing aids can be very small and discreet so no one needs to know you’re wearing them. No need for ear trumpets or big behind the ear aids with unsightly tubes and moulds anymore!

Nowadays, there are many fabulous features that make wearing hearing aids easy and convenient. These include rechargeable hearing aids, being able to link your hearing aids to your mobile phone to hear calls easily and stream music and audiobooks straight into your ears to being able to link your hearing aids to your mobile phone or tablet to hear calls easily and stream music, audiobooks and more straight into your ears. 

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

What a hearing aid looks like doesn’t affect the price. People often think the smaller an aid, the more expensive it is. This isn’t true. The technology level (or how clever a hearing aid is) is what determines the price. We will use all the information we gather throughout your comprehensive assessment to make a recommendation to truly suit your needs and lifestyle. Our hearing aids are all fully automatic and very competitively priced. They start from £1795 for a pair.

If you would like a price for a specific hearing aid, please get in touch.

No Hard Sell

You will never get any pressure to commit to a hearing solution. We will always give you the best advice. It is because of this that most of our customers come from word of mouth recommendations via satisfied previous customers. We treat our clients as we would like our family to be treated. Take as long as you need to mull things over, and when you’re ready to take things further, we’ll be ready to help and support you on your journey.

We encourage you to have a loved one with you when we visit so we can answer any questions they may have.

After Sales Support

Once you have purchased your new hearing aids, the support doesn’t end there. We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to make sure you are completely happy with your new hearing aids. We offer a comprehensive warranty and aftercare service to make sure your hearing aids stay in tip-top shape and that the settings are always up to date so you’re always hearing as well as you can be.

Extra Help When Needed

For some people, hearing aids alone don’t always solve every problem. With this in mind, we also offer a range of assistive listening devices and accessories to provide a solution that is truly customised to meet your hearing needs and give the greatest satisfaction.

These include things like TV streamers, remote microphones and Phonak Roger technology. In the current climate with people wearing masks, valuable visual cues are no longer available, meaning those with hearing loss are finding conversations even more difficult than usual.

Combining your hearing aids with an accessory often means a greater improvement in hearing and overall satisfaction.

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