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Our Wax Removal Service

Are you fed up of waiting months for an ear wax removal appointment?

Did you know that in the UK an estimated 3.9% of the population require ear wax management every year?

With wax removal services no longer being offered for free by the NHS many in the health sector worry about the wellbeing of those having to wait, undiagnosed and untreated for a long period of time. No-one should have
to put up with that.

We use an award-winning,* ear wax removal system developed and led by ENT surgeons. TympaHealth is a state of the art micro-suction system but also can provide an accurate hearing screening test and show you before and after photos of your ears.

* Winner of the Royal Society of Medicine in Otology award.
    Winner of the Rowena Ryan ENT Prize.

Client being treated for ear wax removal

What Does It Cost?

Ear Wax Removal - £90

We keep our pricing simple. We charge a flat fee of £90 which includes us visiting your home, examining your ears, removing any wax present from either or both ears using micro-suction, then conducting a hearing screen.

If you would like one, we can then provide you with a report on your hearing health which includes your before and after photos and hearing screen results. If the clinician feels a second appointment is necessary, this will be free of charge.

We know that wax is often a recurring problem so we have a loyalty scheme where you pay for 5 appointments and get your 6th free.  

Ear Wax Removal at a clinic - £60

We also offer monthly wax clinics at a location near you. Because you’re coming to us we can offer these appointments at a reduced rate compared to our home visit fee, the charge is £60 to include examination of your ears, wax removal and a hearing screen.

We will have a clinic every month in the following locations; Hull road and Haxby in York, Easingwold, Thirsk, Boston Spa, Sherburn in Elmet. Due to popular demand we will also be visiting Malton and Selby fortnightly and Clifton Moor in York multiple times every week.

The service is the same as our home visit appointments and our loyalty scheme is also valid in our day clinics so you will still get your 6th appointment free of charge.

Consultation Fee - £30/£45

If we find that wax is not the problem, that your ears are clear, or there is another issue, we will take photos of your ears, screen your hearing and provide a report on your hearing health, the fee for this is £30 if you see us in one of our clinics or £45 if we visit you at home.

(This only applies if you have no wax. If already paying for wax removal this fee is not payable).

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